At Highland Carbide, we provide carbide tools for the rail industry including indexable tool holders and specialty brazed tooling. These tools are applied to rail components including wheels, bolsters, center plates, and bogie systems. Additionally, the tools we produce are used for applications such as roughing and finishing cast iron bolsters and are used in metal casting and forging operations during rail part production. Often, our tools operate within Gisholt machines to assist in lathe operations and to assist in precise, automated production.

With 70 years of experience in the carbide tooling industry, we know that producing tools that apply cuts with precision and create clean, smooth finishes for parts is necessary. Our goal is to always produce strong, proven tools that stand the test of time and leave your rail parts seamless.

Contact our team with your next rail production project and we will work with you to provide your company with quality tools, reliability, and quick deliverability.

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